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Mozilla Persona

Internet’s world is a big world where you get to use thousands of resources in your daily life. Most of the websites encourage users to create an account while using their resources or websites. Sometimes, they bound you create an account as without the account you can’t use the websites services! So, If a single website needs a single account, 100 different website means 100 different accounts! That means , you need to memorize all this accounts passwords to use all the sites 🙁 Besides, you need to give various information while creating the account. So each time, you create an account, you need to put your personal information.

Mozilla beleives, Your online life is totally your business and no one have the right on it! Keeping that in mind, Mozilla has created Persona to make it easier to sign in to different sites. Persona creates a wall between all the site you sign in and what you do once you are there! You can sign in with many email addresses but still yo need only one email! The best thing is that, no one is knowing your history! What you are doing is only being stored in your own computer.

Persona uses email to authenticate a user. So, it doesn’t need password to log you in a website. It just need the email to make sure it is you! If you are interested to try persona, You can visit Voost to try the awesomeness of persona! You can try Persona to log in,, PontoonMozilla Reps and many other common websites that mozilla uses to promote their mission uses Persona! The big thing is, You can sign in to do QA with Persona in Moztrap, One and Done and specially in Bugzilla!! If you are begineer and never have used persona before, Let this article help you to use persona!

First, lets go to any website that uses Persona to sign in! I am using Bugzilla as we need to sign into Bugzilla to do our things later. If you are there, you should see a webpage just like below ⇓. Just simply click on the “Log in” (Most of the websites of Mozilla only have the sign in option as those websites only uses Persona to Log in, But as this website uses multiple options to sign you in, So this Log in option helps you to select your preferred Log in Option)



If you have clicked on “Log In”, You should see some options to Log in to Bugzilla. As we will use Persona, Click the below like Image (This image represents that this sign in option uses persona)

Sign in with Persona

Click on the “Sign In” image and you should be seeing a new window asking you to write your E mail. Now Write down your Email Address with which you want to sign yourself in! 

After entering your Email, It should start your authenticating process. If you have your email address open, It will do your task and will sign you in. If your email that you have typed in to Sign in is not open, It will open your Email providers Log In page and will ask yout o log In to your email! You should be seeing a Loading window. Don’t worry, If it is taking time 😉

When Persona confirms that The Email you entered is authenticated, It lets you sign in! If you are doing things with me, You should be already signed in!

If you are seeing your Email in the upper right corner, that means you are Signed In 😀 Hurray! You just have sign In using Persona! You can try to use other Sites like,, PontoonMozilla RepsMoztrap & One and Done to Sign In with Persona!

If you have a website, You can try to implement it in your website, too. Read Developer Guides and API Documentation to know more about it.

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