How to check, create and modify Firefox profile from Firefox

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Today we are going to learn how to to check, create and modify Firefox profile right from your Firefox browser.

The procedure is very easy. Open Firefox. In the URL address bar, type “about:profiles” (without quotation marks) and hit enter.


About profile page will open and will show you a list of all existing Firefox profiles.


You can check default profile.

You can also check which profile is currently in use.


Create a New Profile:

To create a new profile, click on the “Create new profile” button and follow the create profile wizard instructions.

Click "Create a New Profile"
Click “Create a New Profile”
Click "Next"
Click “Next”

Now, type profile name and click “Finish” to create your new profile.



Delete an existing profile:

You can also delete any profile here except the profile that is currently in use. To delete a profile, simply click “Remove” button under the section of that profile.


Set a profile as default:

To set any profile as default profile click “Set as default profile” button under that profile section.


Renaming a profile:

To rename any profile click “Rename” button under that profile section. A new dialog box will open. Type new profile name and click “OK”.



Additional Options:

There are also two addition options here, restarting Firefox with Add-ons disabled and restart normally.



***You will need at least Firefox 47 to use about:profiles feature.

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