Change UI direction of Firefox browser

Testing RTL issues on firefox has been a boring process because, you will have to find some build which has RTL locale by default. But these tips can make it interesting, you are going to learn how to turn any LTR or RTL into RTL or LTR.

Some Change.

  1. Visit “about:config” and promise that you won’t break anything :p  about_config
  2. Rigth-click anywhere except for the searchbox and select “New” -> “String”.newstring
  3. Type “intl.uidirection.en” as the preference name and (beware from now on, read the full step and then do it) enter “rtl” (if you want RTL direction) or “ltr” (if you want LTR direction) as string value, and the UI of the browser will be updated immediately after the input of your value.preferences_name_value
  4. You just created a preference entry and you can change the UI direction of your browser whenever you want, visit “about:config” and search for “intl.uidirection.en”, double click on this preference and update its value with “rtl” or “ltr” (whatever you need)

Feel free to memorize / copy-paste / share / or do anything 😉

Thanks for reading. Happy contributing 🙂