Getting Started with IRC

Hello there,
As you are here and reading this article, it means you are an enthusiast beninner of IRC. So lets get started, and let me tell you something about IRC.

IRC – Internet Relay Chat, is an open protocol that uses TCP to transfer messages in the form of text.

Don’t understand that? Okay, not that much necessary. Just keep in mind that we will be using IRC to chat with other people. Unlike other HTTP servers, IRC servers are a little different. You need some IRC client applicatoin to access those servers.

If you don’t want to use any IRC client, you can visit this site and set the server to Mozilla [webirc] ,  set your nick and the channel you wish to join. Remember, IRC channels start with a “#” sign, you can join #qa, #firefox or #bangladesh or any other channel you wish.IRCwithMibbit
Chatzilla is an IRC client that is installed on your browser as an add-on. you can get it here. After installing, you may not find it before your eyes, so go to customize and drag the chatzilla from “Additional tools and features” to the right pane and drop it there, now you will be able to easily start it each time.


After starting chatzilla you can set you nick here first


Then select “join channel” from the menu or press “ctrl+J”


As you are going to join mozilla IRC server select “moznet” from the Network list and input your desired channel


Click the “Join” button and you are supposed to be in the room. 🙂

Thunderbird (recomended)

Thinderbird is mainly a mail client, since version 15, it has IRC support. You can get the latest version from here. Install it like any other software and open thunderbird. Now, click on the “Chat” button below “Create new account:” option and select IRC and click next.


For the next step, enter your nick and mozilla IRC server which is “” and click next. It will require a password, if you leave this field blank, you will be prompt for password each time you access your account, so set a password here and click next.

Now a field will come up for a “Local Alias” which is optoinal. So, provide it or not, it’s your choice and click next. Next step will review your information, check them and click finish to get started.
Your account has been successfully setup, now you have to join chat by opening the chat tab, (the image below shows how to open the chat tab)

Now, the chat tab will look empty because you have not yet joined any channel. to join a channel, click on “Join Chat”, a pop up window will ask for channel information, if you have multiple accounts set up in thunderbird, select the account you will be using for this channel, and enter you channel name (don’t forget a channel name starts with a “#” sign) and click “OK”.
password is optional, and you can check the “auto-join” box if you want to join this channel immediately after thunderbird starts.
setupchat_fourHope you have joined your desired channel till now 🙂

If you see any messages from the server saying “Nick is not registered” or something like that, (in fact you are supposed to see that if you are first time in IRC) enter the command below and definitely replace “password” with your password and “” with your mail and hit enter, your nick will be registered. The command is :

/msg NickServ REGISTER password

If you still need help, don’t hesitate to ask any QA related question at our facebook group, surely someone will pick you up.

Happy contributing 🙂